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2019 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini Backstage Video Pt.1

2019 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Contest Photos

See more videos and full contest gallery on @npcnewsonlineofficialpage The 2021 #IFBBPittsburghPro Bikini Championships is back! Huge Thank You To Our Exclusive Platinum Sponsor @fitbodyfusion
The last 3 champions were all Brazilians with the reigning 2019 Champion  being @priscila.leimbacher
The questions on everyone’s minds are;
-Will Priscila return to defend her title?
-Can someone else step up and stop the Brazilian dominance at this contest and put themselves in immediate contention for the 2021 IFBB Bikini Olympia?
-Will the Brazilians continue to dominate at the 2021 #IFBBPittsburghPro Bikini Championships?
There’s only one way to find out and that is to be there!
2021 @npcifbbpropittsburgh on April 30-May 1 promoted by NPC and @ifbb_pro_league President Jim Manion. 2021 #IFBBPittsburghPro Bikini Championships Exclusive Platinum Sponsor @fitbodyfusion
More information will be available at both and
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